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About Us


    Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering (BAIC-SM) was built on our existing strengths of research and started operations in 2014 as “BUCT International Research Center for Soft Matter”. At that time, Daan Frenkel (Professor, University of Cambridge) served as the Center Director, Gan, Zhihua (Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology) severed as Associate Director, Pablo Gaston Debenedetti (Professor, Dean for Research at Princeton University) served as Chair of the Academic Committee , Tan, Tianwei (Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology) as Chair of the Administrative Committee and Wang, Wenchuan (Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology) as Associate Chair of the Academic Committee. In addition, we have 5 faculty members initially, including 3 Part-time principal investigators: Frantisek Svec (Staff Scientist and Facility Director of E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Lee Cronin (Professor, University of Glasgow) and Hui-min Li (Professor, National Chemical Engineering Institute in Paris); One full-time principal investigator, Dr. Jure Dobnikar.

In September 2015, BAIC-SM officially launched with research grant from the Beijing Municipal Government and the grant support will continue for 5-10 consecutive years. The center now has expanded to include three research divisions: Soft Matter Science Division, Soft Matter in Life Sciences and Technology Division and Soft Matter in Functional Materials Science and Engineering Division.