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About Us

Vision Statement

Vision of the Center:
The vision of the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering (BAIC-SM) is to be an international educational and research hub in Soft Matter research where forefront scientific problems are studied and to place the BAIC-SM in a leadership role globally in selected areas of soft matter research.

Mission of the Center
To realize the vision of the Center, the research in BAIC is divided into three different focus areas of research. The first, Soft Matter Science, addresses fundamental problems across soft matter science where the strengths of BAIC can be effectively brought to bear on emerging scientific areas that have the potential for technological or societal impact. The second, Soft Matter in Life Sciences and Technology, focuses on naturally occurring soft matter systems, ranging from biological functions including ligand-receptor mediate interactions to nanomedicine to biofuel applications in industry. The third, Soft Matter in Functional Materials Science and Engineering, focuses on the use of soft materials that have a well-defined function built in to the building blocks comprising the system. These can range from electronic to photovoltaic to thermoelectric properties. In each of these areas, the unique strengths of the scientists and instrumentation at BUCT and the establishment of local, national and international collaborations will be leveraged to make significant contributions to enhanced sustainability in chemistry and materials science. Novel research is at the core of our mission and, as such, high-risk research is encouraged wherever possible.
The Center will:
• Create an international education and research environment that support research on emerging topics of soft matter science and attract talented scientists worldwide
• Develop new knowledge and technologies in soft matter, providing a foundation for future intellectual growth and stimulating technological developments.
• Foster economic development in Beijing and China by providing a well-educated and highly trained science and engineering workforce and by transferring innovations to the industrial sector.

Division I
• The Soft Matter Science Division of BAIC-SM, is dedicated to addressing emergent problems in soft matter.
• Vision: Researchers will identify and perform ground-breaking research on emergent areas in soft matter science.
• Mission:  Through multi-investigator research we will identify emergent areas in soft matter science and perform pioneering studies in these emergent areas, efforts that other around the world will follow.

Division II
• The Soft Matter in Life Sciences and Technology Division of BAIC-SM encompasses life science research that is energy-relevant ranging from nano-medicines to biofuels.
Vision: Researchers in this division strive to be global leaders in in the use of life sciences for energy production and savings from the nanoscopic to macroscopic size scales.
Mission: We will pursue an integrated science and engineering program on world-class energy-relevant topics in life sciences through a multi-investigator approach.

Division III

• The Soft Matter in Functional Materials Science and Engineering Division of BAIC-SM, is dedicated to advances in all aspects of energy conversion. 
Vision: We aspire to be recognized internationally as a globally renowned research division for energy conversion within the BAIC-SM.
Mission: We pursue an integrated science and engineering program on energy conversion through preeminent research and creative endeavor.