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Bonus Award for Academic Achievement


To promote research productivity and to provide immediate and visible recognition of academic achievements, the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering (BAIC-SM) will award bonuses to all Center researchers for high-quality publications. The amounts of the bonus will be determined by the category of the journals where the article is published;


All students, postdocs and faculties working in the Center who are eligible to receive a bonus must meet the following conditions: 1.) the project was conducted primarily in the Center and 2.) the first affiliation of the first author of the publication is the Center. (According to Chinese index system for the intellectual property of an institute.)

The category of the journals and bonus to be awarded is detailed as follows:

Journal  Amount of Bonus Award
Science, Nature, Cell (Article) 500,000
Science, Nature, Cell (Letter) 200,000
Nature seriesimpact factor >30 200,000
Nature seriesimpact factor 15-30, PNAS 150,000
Nature seriesimpact factor <15 100,000

Phys. Rev. Lett. , J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew.Chem. Int. Ed. and journals with equivalent rank 80, 000


    1. If the publication is a part of the contract between the Center and the faculty, the amount of award bonus will be half of the above listed values.

    2. 50% of the bonus is awarded as personal income and is considered taxable income. The other 50% can be only used for research.

    3. For articles that are co-authored by multiple authors, if the first and corresponding are both from BUCT, the latter is responsible for distributing the award. If the corresponding author is not affiliated with BAIC-SM, the first author will be responsible for the distribution of the bonus.

    4. In order to claim the award bonus, a copy of the article must be submitted to Executive Committee.

    5. Requests for all awards must be submitted by the end of the calendar year. The Executive Committee will review the requests and announce the awards in the first month of the following year.