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Guidelines for Organizing Academic Conferences and Meetings

The University provides support and assistance to all BUCT academic organizations for hosting high quality events that are research-related and/or education-related programs, such as conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars and symposia. In order to better assist event hosts in planning conferences and managing budgets, the BAIC-SM will adopt the following protocols:.

1. According to the university policies, approval for hosting conferences is required. The request for hosting conferences must be submitted to the Academic Committee or/and the Department of International Exchange Program in advance. (Please use the attached form for the request)

a. For international conferences hosted by the Center that involve academic authoritative organizations, well-known scholars/field experts, attendants from at least 3 countries, or annual meeting of important international conferences that are authorized by an academic authoritative organization, the request must be sent to the Department of International Exchange Program by the end of September of the year before the conference will be held.

b. For international conferences or meetings hosted by the Center or initiated by a Center PI that involve well-known scholars or academic authoritative organizations, the request must be sent to the Department of International Exchange Program 4 months prior to the event.

c. For meetings, workshops, seminars hosted by the Center PI, the request must be sent to the Center Academic Committee at least 3 months prior to the event for review and subsequent approval by the Executive Committee. Further approval from the University is not required.

2. Once the conference host receives pre-approval notice from the Department of International Exchange Program, a detailed application for hosting the conference is required to obtain final approval from the University. This application must include information, including a proposed agenda that clearly outlines the scope, purpose, and objectives of the conference, and the names and positions of the representatives who will attend the conference.

3. After receiving the final approval, the conference host must begin scheduling the event, which includes announcing the event, sending out conference invitation and confirming the event etc.

4. A detailed budget is required by the BAIC-SM or/and the Department of International Exchange Program at least 2 months prior to the event. (Refer to the attached budget planning form.) Only reasonable expenses will be approved, meals and refreshments may be considered for support only if they are incidental to the business purpose of such meetings.

5. The Center faculty is encouraged to seek external funding or use his/her own research funds for the events hosted by the Center faculty. The Center only provides financial support to the events initiated and hosted by BAIC-SM faculty on behalf of the Center.

6. The conference host must strictly follow the approved event arrangement and budget. Any changes to the original plans are subject to the approval by the Center or/and the Department of the International Exchange Program.

7. Support for invited speakers is the responsibility of the event inviter. (Please refer to “Invited Speaker and Visitor Support”)

8. Upon the completion of the event, the conference host shall submit all materials including conference summary and conference records and a detailed financial report (“Financial Report of Conferences and Meetings”) to the Center or/and the Department of the International Exchange Program.