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Regulations and Rules on Postdoctoral Associates

The Center for Soft Matter Science and Technology of BUCT (Beijing University of Chemical Technology) was established in 2014 and aims to be one of the top academic organizations of China for soft matter research. To strengthen and broaden our research teams, the Center offers postdoctoral associates positions with a contract term of 2 years. Applicants with research interests in simulations of soft matter systems, synthetic biology and functional materials of soft matter are especially encouraged to apply.

1.         Application Procedure:

Interested applicants must provide the following materials:

Ø  Personal CV

Ø  A application letter which addresses research interests and achievements (suggested supervisor or collaborator in the Center needs to be provided if the application is sent to Center Administrative Office )

Ø  Contact information of three referees

Ø  Proof of Degree Completion

Review of applications will begin immediately upon receiving applications, selected candidates may be asked to deliver a lecture on their research. Decisions will be sent to applicants within 6 weeks.

A work contract shall be signed between the qualified candidate, the supervisor and the Center.

The Center provides competitive salary that includes a housing allowance. Medical benefits commensurate with those offered by BUCT are provided through the university.

2.         Rules for recruited postdoctoral associates and the supervisors:

1)     The supervisor of the postdoctoral associate is responsible for providing support for research (funds and instrumentation) and suitable working conditions.

2)     The Center covers the salary for the first postdoc that Center PI hires during his contract term. For any additional hired postdocs, the supervisors and the Center have shared financial responsibility. Specifically, the supervisor pays 1/3 of the postdoc’s salary from his/her own budget and the Center pays the remainder of the agreed-upon salary which is defined in the contract between the postdoctoral associate, the supervisor and the Center.

3)     All postdoctoral associates are required to submit annual research reports. The report must be reviewed and signed by the supervisor before submission to the Academic Committee for evaluation.

4)    During the term of the contract term, all postdocs are eligible to apply for opportunities to attend international conferences and travel for academic activities (travel that is necessary for collaboration and specific academic training). The application must be approved by both the supervisor and the Center. The Center will provide financial support that covers for an international round-trip ticket (economy class). The supervisor is responsible for providing financial support for conference registration fees and lodging costs.

5)    Generally, the employment of the postdoctoral associate is terminated when the supervisor’s contract term ends. In the case that the postdoc is capable of carrying out the work independently in the Center, the postdoc should submit an application to the Center in advance for approval.