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San Thang

 San Thang
Professor, Part-time Principal Investigator
Ph. D., 1987 Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
B. Sc.(Hons.), 1983 Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Material Science; Organic Chemistry and Polymer Science. 

Research focuses:
  ●  Prof Thang’s research focuses on the interface between polymer chemistry and biology; further developing novel methodologies in polymer synthesis and using these polymers in industrial and biomedical applications.
  ●  Insulin - RAFT Polymer Conjugates
  ●  Mikto-arm Star Polymers with Peptide Arms
  ●  PVC and Its Copolymers by RAFT
  ●  Functional Bio-inspired RAFT-derived Polymeric Micelles in Cellular
  ●  Cyclopolymerizable Monomers and Cyclopolymers
  ●  New UV-Polymers 
  ●  Advanced Polymers for Demineralization of Process Fluids 
Star Microgels Synthesis – RAFT Polymerization of VAc and NVP
  ●  Polymerizable Fluorescent Monomers; Multi-block RAFT Copolymers
  ●  Graphene-based Nanocomposites for 3D Printing 
Recent Publications:
Patent: “Mikto-arm branched polymers”, Gunatillake, Pathiraja 
  ●  Arachchillage; Hinton, Tracey Michelle; Thang, San Hoa, PCT Int. Appl. (2015) WO 2015077831 A1
  ●  Moad G., Keddie D., Guerrero-Sanchez C., Rizzardo E., Thang S.H., Advances in Switchable RAFT Polymerization. Macromol. Symp., 2015; 350: 34-42.
  ●  Williams E.G.L., Fairbanks B., Moad G., Mulder R.J., Rizzardo E., Thang S.H., “Preparation of 1:1 alternating, nucleobase-containing copolymers for use in sequence-controlled polymerization”. Polym. Chem., 2015; 6(2): 228-232.


+86-10-6419 7357
+86-183 1023 1884

Office Location:
Chemical Engineering Bld.,
rm. B402