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An-Ping Zeng

An-Ping Zeng
Professor, Part-time Principal Investigator
Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering, 1990, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany 
M. S., Chemical engineering, 1984, Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, Beijing/China
B. S., Chemical engineering, 1982, Jiangxi University of Technology, China

Specializations: Systems and Synthetic Biology, Bioprocess Engineering 

Research focuses:
  ●  Fundamental studies of systems and synthetic biology and their application to develop new bioproduction processes for fuels, chemicals and biologics with microbial and mammalian cells.
Recent Publications:
Zhen Chen and An-Ping Zeng (2016) Protein engineering approaches to chemical biotechnology. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 42: 198–205.
  ●  Libang Zhou and An-Ping Zeng (2015) Engineering a lysine-ON riboswitch for metabolic self-control of lysine production in Corynebacterium glutamicum. ACS Synthetic Biology 4 (12), 1335-1340.
  ●  Rajesh Reddy Bommareddy, Wael Sabra, Garima Maheshwari and An-Ping Zeng (2015) Metabolic network analysis and experimental study of lipid production in Rhodosporidium toruloides grown on single and mixed substrates. Microbil. Cell Factory.14:36
  ●  Libang Zhou and An-Ping Zeng (2015) Exploring Lysine Riboswitch for Metabolic Flux Control and Improvement of l-Lysine Synthesis in
Corynebacterium glutamicum. ACS Synthetic Biology. 4(6):729-34. 
  ●  Zhen Chen, Sugima Rappert and An-Ping Zeng (2015) Rational design of allosteric regulation of homoserine dehydrogenase by a non-natural inhibitor L-lysine. ACS Synthetic Biology. 4(2):126-31.



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