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Hui Li CV

Name:     Hui Li
Date of birth:    Dec. 3, 1981
Nationality: Chinese
Present position:   Professor, Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter, Beijing University of Chemical technology
Address:      Room B505, Chemical Engineering Building,
Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
North Third Ring Road East 15, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, 100029, P. R. China
E-mail: hli@buct.edu.cn
Phone:    +8610-64197384

1999.9 – 2003.6 B.S. in Department of Intensive Instruction, Nanjing University
2003.9 – 2008.10  Ph. D. in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Nanjing University

2003  Teaching Assistant in Computational Quantum Chemistry, Nanjing University
2008.6  Visiting student in Department of Physics, National University of Singapore
2008.10 – 2009.7  Postdoctoral research fellow in Department of Physics, National University of Singapore. Supervisor: Prof. Andrew T. Wee
2009.8 – 2012.9 Postdoctoral research fellow in Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Supervisor: Prof. Xiao Cheng Zeng
2012.9 – 2017.1 Institute Bai-Ren (100-talent) Associate Professor in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
2017.1- Professor, Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter, Beijing University of Chemical technology

1999 - 2003 Excellent People’ Scholarship from Nanjing University (4 times)
2006  Excellent Graduate Students’ Scholarship from Nanjing University
2012  2012 UNL Postdoc Award Honorable Mention
2016  Member of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS

(1) Behaviors of interfacial water/ice and phase transitions
(2) Novel functional materials designing
(3) Structural and dynamical properties of nanostructures/molecules on substrates 
(4) Structures, electronics structures and related catalytic properties of metal clusters
(5) New quantum calculation methods

(1) Startup funding of IOP (CNY 500,000) 2012-2015
(2) The General Program of NSFC (CNY 760,000)  2014-2018
(3) The Key Program of NSFC (CNY 1,000,000)  2014-2019
(4) The 973 Program (CNY 300,000)  2014-2016
(5) The Program of SKLTP (CNY 200,000) 2013-2014
(6) National Science and Technology Major Project (CNY 2,400,000) 2016-2021
(7) Startup in BUCT (CNY 1,000,000) 2017-2020

PUBLICATIONS (* corresponding author, # co-first author)
(1) 孔龙娟、李晖*。衬底调制下的硼墨烯、硅烯、锗烯等单元素二维材料的原子与电子结构。化学进展,2017, in press.
(2) P. Zhao, Y. Huang, Y. Shen, S. Yang, L. Chen, K. Wu*, H. Li*, S. Meng*, A Modified Wenzel Model for Water Wetting on Van der Waals Layered Materials with Topographic Surfaces. Nanoscale, 2017, in press.
(3) Y. Yu, H. Fu, L She, S. Lu, Q. Guo, H. Li*, S. Meng, G. Cao*. Fe on Sb(111): Potential Two-Dimensional Ferromagnetic Superstructures. ACS Nano, 2017, in press.
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