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Jin-ping Li


Jin-ping Li

Professor, Part-time Principal Investigator


PhD. Dept. of Biochemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden, 1990

MSc. Institute of Radiation Medicine, Beijing, China, 1983

M.D. Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, China, 1977

SpecializationsMedicinal biochemistry and glycobiology


Research focuses:











Functional biology of carbohydrate polymers
Preparation of oligosaccharides for treatment of diseases



Recent Publications:













Digre A, Singh K, Åbrink M, Reijmers RM, Sandler S, Vlodavsky I, and Li J-P*  (2017) Overexpression of heparanase enhances T lymphocyte activities and intensifies the inflammatory response in a model of murine rheumatoid arthritis Sci Rep 7:46229
Fang J, Song T, Lindahl U and Li J-P* (2016) Enzyme overexpression - an exercise toward understanding regulation of heparan sulfate biosynthesis Sci Rep 6:31242
Oskarsson ME, Singh K, Wang J, Vlodavsky I, Li J-P* and Westermark GT (2015) Heparan sulfate proteoglycans are important for islet amyloid formation and islet amyloid polypeptide-induced apoptosis Biol Chem 290(24),15121-15132
Christianson HC, Svensson KJ, van Kuppevelt TH, Li, J-P and Belting M (2013) Cancer cell exosomes depend on cell-surface heparan sulfate proteoglycans for their internalization and functional activity PNAS 110(43): 17380-17385
Noborn F, O' Callaghan P, Hermansson E, Zhang X, Ancsin J, Damas A, Dacklin I, Presto J, Johansson J, Saraiva M, Lundgren E, Kisilevsky B, Westermark P and Li J-P* (2011) Heparan sulfate/heparin promotes transthyretin fibrillization through selective binding to a basic motif in the protein PNAS 108(14), 5584-5589
Feyerabend T, Li J-P*Lindahl U and Rodewald HR (2006) Heparan sulfate C5-epimerase is essential for heparin biosynthesis in mast cells Nat Chem Biol 2(4):195-6.
Escobar Galvis M, Jia J, Zhang X, Jastrebova N, Spillmann D, Gottfridsson E, van Kuppevelt T, Zcharia E, Vlodavsky I, Lindahl U and Li J-P* (2007) Transgenic or tumor-induced expression of heparanase upregulates sulfation of heparan sulfate Nat Chem Biol 3, 773-778




Phone:+46 18 4714241


Office Location: B11:3, Biomedical Center, Uppsala, Sweden