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Yu Gu



Yu Gu

Professor, Chief scientist of 863 program


PhD,  Institute of Solid Mechanics, Belarus State University of Transport, Belarus, 2001.9-2006.1

M.S., Institute of Solid Mechanics, Belarus State University of Transport, Belarus, 1999.9-2001.6

B.S.,  Institute of Solid Mechanics, Belarus State University of Transport, Belarus, 1995.9-1999.6

Specializations: Artificial intelligence

Research focuses:

   •Multi-functional advanced materials development (sensitive/recognition components)
   •Electrochemical sensors / Biosensors / Gas sensors
   •Sensor devices and sensor arrays /Sensor applicationsfood industry, medicine, pharmacy, environmental monitoring,  etc.
   •Machine perception and machine learning

Recent Publications: (within 2 years, selected publications)

              [1] B.-W. Chen & Y Gu *, Efficient multiple incremental computation for kernel ridge regression with Bayesian uncertainty modeling. Future Generation Computer Systems, 2017  (IF 3.997)

[2] Chen B W, Ji W, Rho S, Yu Gu*. Supervised Collaborative Filtering Based on Ridge Alternating Least Squares and Iterative Projection Pursuit[J]. IEEE Access, 2017, PP(99):1-1(IF 3.244)

[3] Qiang Li, Yu Gu* and Nanfei Wang. Application of Random Forest Classifier by Means of a QCM-based E-nose in the Identification of Chinese Liquor Flavors. IEEE sensors Journal. 2017, 17(6): 1788-1794. (IF 2.592)

[4] Qiang Li, Yu Gu* and Jing Jia. Classification of Multiple Chinese Liquors by Means of a QCM-based E-Nose and MDS-SVM Classifier. Sensors, 2017, 17: 272. (IF 2.677)

[5] Chen B W, Rho S, Yang L T, Y Gu*. Privacy-preserved big data analysis based on asymmetric imputation kernels and multiside similarities[J]. Future Generation Computer Systems, 2016. (IF 3.997)

[6] Qingyang Wei, Ru Bai, Zhengpeng Wang, Rutao Yao, Yu Gu*, Tiantian Dai*, Surveying ionizing radiation in real-time using a smartphone [J]. Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2017, 28(5): 70. (IF 1.779)

[7] Qiang Li, Yu Gu*. Free Vibration Analysis of a New Polymer Quartz Piezoelectric Crystal Sensor Applied to Identify Chinese Liquors. International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2017, 9(1): 1750015. (IF 1.954)

[8] Wei Q., Ma T., Xu T., Liu Y., Wang S., Gu Y.*, Evaluation of signal energy calculation methods for a light-sharing SiPM-based PET detector[J]. NuclInstrum. Meth. Phys. Res. A, 2017, 848: 81-86. (SCIIF 1.567)

[9] Yu Gu*, Yang-Fu Wang, Qiang Li. A 3D CFD Simulation and Analysis of Flow-Induced Forces on Polymer Piezoelectric Sensors in the Chinese Liquors Identification E-nose. Sensors, 2016, 16:1783. (IF 2.677)




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