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Joint Doctoral Development Program

Program description:

The Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Technology (BAIC-SM) of BUCT offers Joint Doctoral Program that gives opportunities for graduate students of BUCT to conduct research aboard. This program is designed to strengthen research collaborations, not to support students to take courses or pursue technical or language training.


Applications for the Joint Doctoral Program are reviewed by the Academic and Executive Committees of BAIC-SM. The candidates must meet the following qualifications:

1.    The applicants are enrolled graduate students in BUCT, who perform research projects or have collaboration with BAIC-SM PI’s.

2.    The applicants have strong research interests and potentials. Preference is given to applicants who have a record of publications.

3.    The applicants must satisfy admission requirements and assessment regulations (such as language and GPA) at the host institution, i.e. the institute where the student intends to go to for the joint program)

4.    The host institutes must be international top-ranked universities or institute that want to be explicitly recognized as partners

5.    Applicants have ongoing research projects that require techniques, equipment or resources support from a host institute.  

6.    The applicants have strong potential to achieve significant progress on his/her research project.

Applications procedure:

7.    The Center shall announce the program during the Spring and Fall semester for students to apply.

8.    Applicants should submit application materials to the Center within 1 month after the program being announced. Required documents include personal CV, Certificate of foreign language(s), transcripts, recommendation letter from supervisor who works in the Center or at BUCT.    

9.    Selected candidates shall receive notification from the Center regarding the decision.  

10. The selected candidates should contact the host institutes to obtain admission, if necessary. If admission is not necessary, letters from the student’s BAIC-SM and host institution advisors are needed.

11.  Once a partnership is set up by BAIC-SM and the host institution, an agreement shall be signed by four parties, the student, the home institution the host institution, and the BAIC-SM..

12.  Selected candidates can seek help from the Center or the Department of International Exchange Program for assistant with visa application and travel aboard.  

Financial Support:

Qualified students shall receive financial support of 5000 -10000 RMB monthly from the Center for a period of 1-12 months. This financial support is to cover living expenses only.