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Soft Matter in Life Sciences and Technology Division


The Soft Matter in Life Sciences and Technology Division of the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering (BAIC) encompasses life science research that is energy-relevant ranging from nano-medicines to biofuels.

The objective of the division is to enable the development of novel bioprocesses that can lead to clean and sustainable production of fuels and chemicals, including specialty chemicals used for medicine and nutraceuticals. The scope will be from cell factory development to bioprocess development. Advanced mathematical models will be used to design the metabolism of cell factories, and these designs will be implemented using state-of-the-art synthetic biology technologies, e.g. CRISPR-Cas9. Developed cell factories will be evaluated initially in laboratory scale and successful candidates will be taken forward for testing in pilot-plant scale. Hereby the center will be able to develop complete technology packages that can be licensed to companies for establishing commercial production.

        With full staffing of the division and implementation of a cutting edge research platform the center will have established itself as one of the leaders in bioprocess development in China and also a significant international player.









Jens Nielsen

Chair of the Soft Matter in Life Sciences and Technology Division